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Environmental entrepreneur

Jeannine Bodner, President of "One You One World", an internet-based company selling recycled and eco-friendly products.
Jeannine Bodner, President of "One You One World", an internet-based company selling recycled and eco-friendly products.

Jeannine Bodner planned her return to work in 2006 after spending 11 years as a stay-at-home mom. But the Davidson resident, a former social worker, desired a flexible schedule that allowed time to focus on family. Like many moms, Bodner brainstormed ideas for a work-from-home business. Within the year 1U, an independent web store specializing in eco-friendly and socially conscious products, was born. Her three daughters, husband and Mother Earth couldn’t be happier. About living healthy and helping the environment: Bodner says that when her father died of cancer at 30, her mother developed strong convictions about healthy living. Bodner followed her mother’s health-conscious principles, which became all the more important to her after she had kids. 1U is like for companies specializing in earth-friendly products, Bodner says. “I spent many months researching companies to work with. Some companies promote eco-friendly products but make them in foreign countries under deplorable working conditions. Companies I’m willing to work with must walk the walk and talk the talk.” From accessories like sustainable wood cutting boards to hygiene merchandise such as organic soaps, 1U’s inventory must three criteria: Raise awareness, encourage healthy living and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. About the company name and setting an example: The company’s motto is 1U, One World. “Everyone makes choices every day that harm or help our planet,” says Bodner. “There’s only one you and you have a responsibility to make the right choice for the one world we live in.” In addition to promoting her philosophy through 1U’s mission and products, Bodner sets examples in other ways. She donates a percentage of profits to organizations like Help for the Helpless and the National Resource Defense Council. And her daughters are following in her footsteps. “It’s been a learning experience for them,” Bodner says. “They live a healthy lifestyle and support the message I’m trying to foster.” About the future: Bodner wants to expand 1U’s clothing line (she sells eco-friendly clothing and apparel that sports the company logo) and continue to grow her online presence. “The hardest part about running your own business is wearing all the hats,” she explains. “But it’s also what makes entrepreneurship fun. I love the creative process.”

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