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Cinco de Mayo

Most of us really don’t need a reason for food and drink but adding in a celebration gives us the perfect excuse. So break out the margarita machine and raise a glass to the 5th of May.Nothing goes better with warm corn tortillas than gooey cheese, well except this over the top cheese dip. Bubbly cheese studded with crispy chorizo sausage and spicy roasted poblano peppers does the trick.Simply fry up the sausage, drain off a bit of the drippings, warm through some green onions and layer in roasted poblano peppers with any good melting cheese. If you want to live up to the name “Flameado” drizzle the finished dish with a little tequila, stand back and touch it with an open flame. You will be the life of the party, just be careful mixing fire and alcohol. (I recommend doing this outside under adult supervision, I usually ask my wife to supervise me).Right out of the oven spoon some of the golden and gooey goodness over a tortilla, fold in half and dig in.There you have it, enjoy the day!

Roasted Poblano Queso Flameado

1 Pound-Mexican Chorizo Sausage-removed from casing, crumbled

1 Pound-Asadero Cheese-(Oaxaca/Monterey jack/Munster), shredded

1 Each-Poblano Pepper-roasted, stem/seeds removed, rough chopped

1 Each-Green Onion-thin sliced

To Garnish-Fresh Cilantro-leaves only, chopped

Optional/To Taste-Chipotle Pepper) deseed/chopped, Chili Ancho (crushed)

To Dip-Corn/Flour Tortillas-warmDirections1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees

2. Warm a cast iron skillet over medium heat.

3. Add chorizo; cook stirring frequently until just cooked through.

4. Remove chorizo from skillet and drain on a paper towel lined plate.

5. Leave about 1 tablespoon of drippings in skillet, add onion and cook one minute.

6. Remove, place in a mixing bowl with chorizo/cheese and mix to combine.

7. Place back in skillet,, place in oven and cook until bubbly.

8. Remove from oven, top with cilantro and chipotle or crushed chili ancho.

9. Serve with warm tortillas or as a dip with chips or fried taquitos.