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A whiskey, salmon, bagel Brunchfast

Brunchfast, is not a real wordbut then again brunch isn’t a real meal either, so we can call it whatever we want; right?Weekends were made for brunch. The hope is to sleep in a little past the normal breakfast hour, but sometime before lunchtime. Thus brunch just make sense. Not quite ready for lunch but still craving a hearty breakfast the options and combinations are limitless.Here is my take on bagels and locks. Understanding that you may not want to cure your own salmon for this dish you can substitute store bought, pre-sliced cured salmon; and for that matter just use regular cream cheese. With that being said, what the bacon-goat cheese spread adds to this dish is something you just can’t get from cream cheese. By adding a splash of heavy cream, to the room soften goat cheese, and folding in salty silvers of bacon this spread elevates a plain bagel to new heights. Curing your own salmon gives you control on flavoring, texture and freshness. Curing is a process that cooks the protein without actually cooking it. Salt has always been a way to preserve meat and this method can easily be done at home. Try out different herbs and other flavoring to create your own combination. For this recipe I went with a touch of whisky and paired that with a spicy kick of mustard.Enjoy and for more recipes visit and watch Chef Troy every week on WCCB News Risings’ “Tuesdays with Troy” from 7-9 am.

Whiskey Mustard Cured Salmon-Bagels and Bacon Goat Cheese Spread