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Richard Rudisill

Who doesn’t love pizza? If there is such a person I would love to meet them, so we could do studies on them to see what planet they are from; and I am only kind of kidding. Pizza is the perfect food not only because it taste great, but because it is a blank canvas for any flavor or style of food.There are a few of really important factors to any great pizza; dough, sauce, cheese. Great pizza dough is easy to do with the right recipe, which I have supplied below and appropriately titled “the best pizza dough ever”. This dough recipe was given to me by a close friend of mine and was passed on to her from her father over 50 years ago. If you don’t feel like you are ready to make your own pizza dough, stop by your favorite pizza place and purchase a couple dough balls.Sauce is a taste preference, but a good one is tangy and simple. A slash of olive oil, a clove or two of garlic, a can of crushed tomatoes, a pinch of salt, pepper and sugar is really all you need. Bring it to a simmer, cool completely and you are all set. Something as simple an olive oil can be a sauce and makes for a lighter pizza and goes perfectly with vegetables.Cheese is limitless and also preference, literally any cheese will dowell except may be American cheese (not really cheese). Whether the cheese you choose is crumbled, grated or shredded, use it sparingly as a great pizza is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of topping and thickness of dough.Here is a recipe for a pizza I devoured recently in Las Vegas. I completely fell in love with the concept and flavor profile. So much so that I wanted to home make the lamb chorizo and is simply put together with the recipe below. Mexican Chorizo is a good substitute and if you can’t find rapini (broccoli rabe) use broccoli florets trimmed into small pieces.Lastly for a perfectly baked pizza you need a pizza stone. Preheat your oven fitted with the pizza stone to 500 degrees at least 30 minutes before baking pizzas. This will ensure an evenly cooked pizza, crispy crust and perfectly melted cheese. Resist the temptation of opening the oven. Let it do its thing and if you want to take a peek, look through the glass. Your pizza will be at it perfect moment, golden and gooey 7 to 10 minutes of intense heat. For more great recipe ideas and recipes watch Chef Troy on WCCB News Rising every Tuesday morning from 7-9 am and visit

Lamb Chorizo Sausage-Goat Cheese-Rapini

The Best Pizza Dough Ever