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Sowing Seeds

For its 30th anniversary, the Davidson Horticultural Symposium will feature some of the country’s most noted gardening experts who will be on hand to provide inspiration and advice. Below are the top not-to-be-missed presentations.

John Bartram: The King’s Gardener

Kirk Brown, vice president of the Garden Writers Association and an award-winning landscape artist, leads this lecture about John Bartram, known as America’s first botanist and the father of the nursery industry.

David Culp: The Layered Garden

Culp, noted for his astounding series of gardens in Downingtown, Pa., discusses how to create a majestic display of continuous bloom by using layering techniques, including how to choose the correct plants by understanding how they grow and change throughout the seasons.

Holly Shimizu: Influences and Inspirations—Gardens Then and Now

Shimizu, executive director of the United States Botanic Garden, discusses the role gardening has played in the country’s history, as well as current approaches to gardens, nature, and sustainability. Paula Gross: Paula’s Perennials: A Southeastern Plantswoman’s Favorites

Gross, assistant director of the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, talks about the many choice plants that thrive in the heat and humidity of a southeastern red clay garden. 
Tony Avent: Plant Exploration: The Search, Discovery and Exploitation of New Plant Introductions

Avent, the owner of Plant Delights Nursery and the Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in Raleigh, discusses his “plant expeditions” to places such as Mexico, China, Korea, the Balkans, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In his search for the “horticultural Holy Grail” he’s discovered some amazing plants, some of which have become popular gardening staples.

Want to go?

The 30th Annual Davidson Horticultural Symposium

When: Tuesday, March 4, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Where: Davidson College, Knobloch Campus Center