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Bites & Sips - Atlanta

Bites and Sips – Atlanta

There is no question that Atlanta has one of the most diverse and expansive food scenes around. Aside from the food, the city also has a growing craft cocktail movement. I don’t recall seeing a soda gun in any of the bars I visited while in Atlanta. Here’s a list of the places I visited, and would definitely recommend to anyone seeking to get the most out of an Atlanta vacay.

Day One


My first night in Atlanta, we decided to hit up Decatur for the night. This area was lively and included a wide variety of venues. We stuck around Church Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue, and based on recommendations, went to Cakes & Ale, Leon’s Full Service, and Paper Plane.

Day Two

EdgewoodFor night two, we decided to try out Edgewood, and eclectic neighborhood of bars and restaurants. This is an area that gets wild when the sun goes down. It may seem tame if you stop by for dinner, but wait a few hours until the party really gets started.