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Slim-down secrets from a celebrity nutritionist

Celebrity nutritionist Simone Gloger.
Celebrity nutritionist Simone Gloger. Courtesy of Simone Gloger

I had never heard of the Dukan Diet or its nutritionist Simone Gloger (her photo is above) until I was contacted about some tips she wanted to share.

If you want to learn more about the Dukan Diet, here's an objective take on it from Web MD:

As for Gloger, her celebrity clients are working hard so they'll look their best at the Oscars. But her tips are helpful to anyone who needs to cut back for a few weeks before a special event or party.

1. Eat Strategically Before the event, eat nothing but lean protein for 2-3 days (Choose lean chicken, grilled fish, eggs and shrimp). This will rev up metabolism, decrease water retention and have you looking extra lean in your outfit.

2. Cut Out Dairy This food group is one of the hardest for the body to digest - dairy causes bloating, acne and dark circles under the eyes in a lot of people, leaving you less than camera ready.

3. Lemonize Start your day with hot water and ½ a squeezed lemon. Then do a few more lemon shots throughout the day. This is a great liver detoxifier - the liver supports fat burning and this helps it do its job. Also, lemon neutralizes acids. Acids create a layer around the fat cells so they won't shrink. Lemon is alkaline so having shots of straight lemon, or even lemon in water, helps to neutralize the acids around the cells so they can shrink like they should.

5. Get Golden Nothing hides flaws and makes you look leaner than a great airbrush tan—make sure to have the technician give you an extra misting on trouble spots like triceps and your inner and outer thigh area.

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