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A Charlottean’s Studio 54 connection

Charlotte boutique owner Marcia Simon of Paul Simon Women never went to Studio 54, but she probably could have been partying with the VIPs if she had caught the eye of owner Steve Rubell, who was notorious for standing guard outside the club and only letting in those who met his standards.

Simon knew Rubell, and his business partner Ian Schrager, when they were all classmates together at Syracuse University.

“They were a few years older, but I got to know Rubell when he dated my college roommate,” Simon said. “He was very cute with an outgoing personality, and he was smart and active on campus.”

The photo at the top of this blog is of Marcia with her fellow clothier husband, Paul Simon, also a Syracuse grad. It was taken in 1969 in upstate New York - around the time she met Steve Rubell. I adore this photo and if you have the pleasure of knowing Marcia and Paul, they are just as good looking, stylish and in love now as they were when this picture was taken.

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