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Slightly distressed over my new shoes

In the Michael Kors spring look book I saw a pair of neutral colored suede booties called the Walton Ankle Boot. The description said they would be perfect paired with “bohemian dresses or denim cut-offs, ground feminine florals or to accent white skinnies and tees.” I’m not planning on wearing denim cut-offs anytime soon, or never. But I did think the booties would update the look of some of my spring dresses and jeans.

I had just spent some dough ordering a few new spring clothes online, so I decided to buy them at a major department where I have a credit card and can do a Flex Pay.

When I hit the shoe department and saw them in person, I thought there was a dud pair in the display because the toes were darker, as if they had been worn and broken in and possibly left out in the rain. Then I started looking around at other options and on the more casual ankle boots, I kept seeing the same thing. I asked the salesperson what was going on and she gave that good ol’ standby response of “it’s the new trend for spring.”

I’m not sure if it’s meant to be Bohemian and is a true trend. Or if shoemakers are sick of complaints from customers about that part of the shoe wearing out faster than others so they decided to make it a trend. I ended up buying them anyway.

The first day I wore them, my husband noticed immediately. He couldn’t believe that I had already messed up my new shoes. “No, no! It’s the style,” I told him. He wasn’t buying it. He thinks it looks like someone who lives in the city who wants to look like they live in the country. He may have a point there.

The more I wear them though, the more I’m getting used to the style and I kind of like it. If I have to analyze it, it’s because in high school I had an awesome pair of Frye boots in the same color that saw lots of good times and the toes ended up looking like the toes on the new pair I bought. Maybe that’s a lame reason but I’m not going to dwell on it because fashion is supposed to be fun and make you happy.

What do you think of distressed shoes? Is it a stoopid trend, or is it genius? Is it faux, or is it fun?

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