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I encountered two angels in one day at a Walmart in Charlotte

On a Saturday this summer, my husband and I made what we thought would be a “quick” stop at Walmart. We each had just one item to get. We went our separate ways to meet in a few minutes at the entrance. I paid for my item and saw that he was standing in another line, so I sat down on a bench to wait for him. He finally got through his line, and we headed for our car.

We were about to pull out when he asked me where my shopping bag was. I panicked, rushed back into the store, asked the cashier if she’d seen it, went back down the aisle … but there was no sign of my bag. A sweet manager – I didn’t get her name – saw I was about in tears and told me to go get a replacement item and that she’d take care of it. That was angel No. 1.

I hurried to the back of the store, came up front looking for the manager – just knowing my husband was having a hissy fit waiting in the car. Frantically pacing back and forth, just hoping the young lady would see me, I prayed, “Please, Lord. Help me.”

And He did.

I heard a voice calling, “Ma’am! Is this your bag?” The second angel had seen my bag on the bench where I’d been waiting a good 20 minutes before. I didn’t get her name, but I gave her a big hug as I thanked her profusely. Anyone could’ve walked out with that bag – and the item inside it already paid for – but that honest, compassionate angel got there first. God bless her.

I met two angels in 20 minutes. I was the one truly blessed.

Judy Jones, Charlotte. As told to Page Leggett

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