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Her brakes failed, but an angel was watching

Finally, after keeping cars for years at a time (yet all along desiring a small SUV), I purchased a new 2016 SUV in September. One week after driving off the lot, I enjoyed a wonderful day with my oldest granddaughter – taking her in my new car to a festival and then a cookout.

Later that evening, I drove her back to her mother’s home and then started towards my home 40 minutes away. After I turned onto Gold Hill Rd. at Exit 88 on I-77 and drove almost half a mile, I saw the light at the Pleasant Rd. intersection turning yellow. I pressed on my brakes, but they failed. The next thing I knew, my car was stopped … in the back of a Jeep!

I sat there, in my seat, stunned. A man, who must have been right behind my car, pounded on my driver’s side door. I heard him cry out, “Are you all right?”

If the man in the car behind me had not jumped out and banged on my window, I would have been locked in because within seconds of impact, my car’s computer system shut down. My new car was completely totaled, but its air bags helped keep me safe. I also feel blessed that my granddaughter was already home when the accident happened.

It took my insurance company four days to get me into a rental car. Every day since then has been trying – communicating with the dealership, the automaker, insurance company, etc. But I am thankful to be alive to enjoy each day.

Even though the brakes failing on my then new car have affected me in so many ways, I still marvel at the fact that I could have been locked in my car that Saturday at 10:30 p.m. if the kind man had not quickly gotten out of his car to check on me.

He left the scene when he realized I was walking and talking. I didn’t get his name or the chance to thank him, so I’m thanking him now – wherever he is!

Marjorie Wright, Tega Cay, S.C.

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