Everyday Angels

An angel in the wings at Sunday school

I am 53 and was diagnosed with blood cancer – CML leukemia. Although I am in remission, I will forever have to take medication.

In 2013, the medication I was on caused me to pass out twice, and I was throwing up, too. I was scared of the allergic reaction I was having. I called an ambulance, and in the hospital, I developed a rash nearly from head to toe and was out of work for 2 1/2 months.

Pat Dulin, who is in the Sunday school class at Cornerstone Baptist Church I was going to, came to my aid. She brought me several bags of groceries – and had to walk up three flights of steps to reach my apartment.

Just recently, she was here again. She brought me groceries and wouldn’t accept any payment from me at all. She has been so kind to me, and I want to acknowledge her kindness. Irene Corey,Charlotte

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