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Canadian visitor finds honest Walmart shoppers

I recently traveled to North Carolina from my home in Ontario, Canada, and had a great experience while in the Charlotte area. We stopped for some supplies at the Walmart at Tryon and University Pointe before checking into our hotel.

The shopping cart I was using didn’t roll easily, so I switched carts and accidentally left my handbag behind. It took about 10 minutes to realize my mistake, and I immediately went to customer service.

An employee checked the Lost and Found, and after confirming that it was my handbag, it was returned to me intact. I had just $40 U.S. in it; however, my Canadian passport, driver’s license, bank information and credit cards were in my tote.

Everything was just as I had left it.

Thank you to the honest Charlotte resident who turned it in, and thank you to the Walmart employees who all left a permanent and heartfelt impression of the honesty of our U.S. neighbor.

Although I did not get any names of those who helped me, I have made a donation to Victory Junction Foundation – a camp for seriously ill children founded in memory of Adam Petty, son of NASCAR star Kyle Petty and grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Petty) in their honor.

We enjoyed our stay and will certainly return. Patricia Gagno, Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

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