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Wells Fargo employees help woman recover $600

I got a letter from a person in California informing me I had $600 in the North Carolina treasury department’s unclaimed property division in Raleigh.

The letter instructed me to sign the paper and return it to California, where the letter writer could access my funds and return just $400 of the $600 to me. The letter wording was complicated, and it took a while for me to try to decipher it.

I took the letter to my Wells Fargo neighborhood banker, Dave Ondecker. He said it looked like a scam. Dave looked on his computer and found the money was, in fact, available in North Carolina.

Every two months going forward for the next nine months, I received another letter from the “unclaimed property division.”

Dave referred me to Molly Moses, manager at the Wells Fargo branch on Providence Road in Myers Park. Both Dave and Molly were angels who helped me get through a confusing situation, avoid getting scammed and reclaim hundreds of dollars I didn’t know I had. Nancy Plummer, Charlotte

Thanks to an anonymous trucker

This occurred before Independence Boulevard became an expressway. My wife and I were driving in the middle of three lanes in rush hour on our way home when our car died in front of what is now The Park. The only choice I could see was to push the car into a nearby parking lot. The problem was that the traffic was whizzing by on both sides of us.

All of a sudden I noticed that the middle and outside lanes of traffic had stopped. I looked back and a tractor trailer truck had pulled over and was blocking both lanes. I was able to push the car into the parking lot. As soon as I got the car stopped I rushed back to the road to wave thanks to the trucker. Unfortunately he was already gone. So, this is my chance to say THANKS. Will and Judy Ford, Charlotte

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