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These angels came as part of a package deal

Louise Hair is the best angel/friend a person could have! I had met Louise in 2009 at the yoga class we both attend at her church, Pineville United Methodist.

A few weeks after we met, I learned I would not be able to drive anymore. I told her I loved yoga but wouldn’t be able to drive to class. Louise replied, “I’ll just pick you up!”

So Louise picks me up, we go by the bank to cash my checks, go to yoga and then run my errands – grocery store, drug store, book store, etc.

I don’t want to leave out her husband, Bob. These two are a package deal! If, for some reason, Louise cannot come by, Bob shows up. And he takes my requests (or “orders,” as he laughingly calls them) with a smile.

And Louise is a Jack of all trades. When I purchase a small appliance, she puts it together for me. She also alters my clothes.

Family is important to both of us. She talks about her two daughters and two granddaughters, while I talk about my two sons and three grandsons and one granddaughter. We laugh a lot; commiserate; and discuss politics, what we had for dinner, gifts we buy and receive; and go out to lunch on occasion.

I am truly blessed to have Bob and Louise Hair in my life. Connie D. Guthery, Charlotte

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