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Samaritans help Charlotte wreck victim on I-485

A reckless driver slams into an innocent motorist in South Charlotte and a couple stops to help.
A reckless driver slams into an innocent motorist in South Charlotte and a couple stops to help. mhames@charlotteobserver.com

On a recent rainy Monday, I had plans to meet friends for lunch at Pike’s soda shop and restaurant in South End.

Due to weather conditions, I was trying to be very careful. From South Boulevard, I merged onto 485 and stayed in that lane as I prepared to merge onto I-77. I had been on 485 for just seconds when I was hit in the front left fender by a car going the same direction.

I didn’t see the car coming, had no idea what happened and was lucky to get my car under control without hitting anyone.

I looked in my rear view mirror, and all three lanes had slowed down and given me time to get my car under control. I thanked God, turned on the emergency blinkers and drove over to the right side of the road where two cars were parked.

One car was the car that hit me. The other was my Good Samaritans’ car. The couple in that car said the driver that hit me had been driving very fast when he passed them and that they saw the driver get out of the car and throw a bottle into the ditch.

I asked the driver of the other car why he hit me, and he said he didn’t know. He asked if I was all right, and I told him I thought I was.

I called 911 and sat in my car until the patrolman arrived. My Good Samaritans waited, too, and told the patrolman what they had seen. The driver who hit me was put in handcuffs and taken to jail. I was not physically hurt, but my car had to be towed.

I’m writing this to thank the people who were kind enough to pull over and help a lady in distress. I didn’t get your names, but believe me – I will never forget your act of kindness. Yvonne Halcome, Indian Land

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