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State trooper helps motorist with 5 dogs in a disabled car

My wife, Pat, and I set off for Greensboro from our home in Waxhaw in February to visit some family. We usually make this trip every Monday or Tuesday and stay until Friday when we travel home to serve in a prison ministry at Kershaw (S.C.) Correctional Institution.

We usually take our three dogs in our little VW Jetta SportWagon. This time, we also had our son’s 115-pound Lab and a friend’s smaller Lab mix along with them. We also had lot of cargo.

We were on I-485 North Outer near Exit 32 when I noticed a piece of debris in the road. I couldn’t change lanes due to traffic, so I attempted to straddle the debris. But I couldn’t avoid it and it obviously hung up under my car.

I made it over to the right shoulder, where I noticed a man on the left shoulder with two flat tires. It turns out that he’d hit the piece of debris just before I had. It was a piece of steel and was now hung up under my car. When I got out, I found my front left tire flat and engine oil pouring out of my car.

I called 911, and they hooked me up with the State Highway Patrol. About 20 minutes later, Trooper A.B. Davies showed up with lights flashing. He asked me where I would like to have my car towed. After finding a VW dealership, he asked me about transportation. I started calling rental car places. We needed a van since we had five dogs.

Trooper Davies didn’t leave until he knew we were taken care of. He helped us move our stuff from the car to the rental van we finally found. When it came to the dogs, we had to move one at a time and be careful with interstate traffic whizzing by next to us.

Andrew, as I came to call Trooper Davies, jumped up into the back of the van, and we brought one dog at a time into our rental.

Andrew Davies is a true credit to the N.C. Highway Patrol.

And a small addendum: The piece of steel pulled out from under our car two days after it was towed had a license plate attached. The owner has taken complete responsibility! Robert Vinroot, Waxhaw

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