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A big fat wallet shows up in a Hickory parking lot

Several months ago, I stopped at Lowe’s Home Improvement on Hwy. 70 in Hickory on the way home to Newton after my exercise session. After my purchase, I was nearly back at my home when my cellphone rang. It was my wife, who asked if I had my wallet. I checked my pocket. No wallet.

You cannot imagine what a sense of panic and dread swept over me. My wallet had $500 to $600 in cash and all my credit cards.

My wife said that a gentleman had called from Lowe’s saying he had found my wallet in the parking lot. He would meet me at the return desk of the store. I made a dash back to the store and paged Mr. Dale Cassida. When I saw him approaching, I immediately hugged him and said, “Mr. Cassida, I love you.”

I tried to give him a reward, but he would not accept. He said just to return the favor if I ever was in a position to. I assured him I would do just that.

I will be eternally grateful to this man for his honesty and integrity. Gary D. Benfield, Newton

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