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Charlotte Fire Department ‘rescues’ early voter

After early voting at Central Piedmont Community College, I took a wrong door and landed in the loading dock area, which was gated and locked from the outside.

I surveyed the scene, banged on the doors, found no one and considered scaling the 7-foot fence. Since I am 68, I decided to call 911 instead. I was still talking to the dispatcher when a firetruck showed up, sirens wailing.

Three burly guys got out of the truck and unlocked an interior door with their “magic key.” I was “sprung” in under five minutes and on my way. Big grins all around.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my apologies and gratitude to the Charlotte Fire Department. I got no names, not even the Engine Company number on the firetruck. Fourteen years and one day after 9-11, it is good to acknowledge those firefighters and first responders and others like them who are on the scene no matter how big or small the job. Sharon Kugelmass, Charlotte

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