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Concord Mills Walmart cashier buys surprised customer lunch

I was buying groceries at the Concord Mills Walmart recently, and the cashier – a sweet, beautiful girl named Anita – was ringing me up. I’m diabetic, and it was time for me to eat lunch. I asked her if there was a Subway inside the Walmart, and she said there was and pointed me in the right direction.

But then I decided to go to Burger King instead and headed for the exit. She saw me and came over to me and said, “Subway is this way.”

Then she told me it was her day to be kind to a senior. She walked me over to Subway, ordered my sandwich for me, made sure it was fixed the way I like it, ordered a drink for me and then paid for it all.

I was floored. Nobody has ever done that for me. I believe Anita was my angel in disguise. Rebecca Siler, Charlotte (As told to Page Leggett.)

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