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Stuck in the mud...and then a stranger shows up

Bill Mullinix, Jr., New London
Bill Mullinix, Jr., New London

After retiring in late 2014, my wife and I moved from South Carolina back to Stanly County where I grew up. We're restoring our retirement house between the communities of Richfield and New London.

On a recent Friday, I was mowing grass where our driveway intersects with busy Highway 52. (There are four lanes of traffic). My heavy, zero-turn mower sank in the soft mud during my last mowing pass. I was without shovel, chain, towing rope, friends, relatives or physical strength to get out of the mud.

Suddenly an angel appeared in a blue Ford truck: Melvin Hinson. He quickly pulled a tow rope, hooked me up and I was out in minutes.

Melvin's actions touched me beyond his warmth and kindness. I traveled for 40 years across North Carolina and Virginia working in nursing homes, and acts of personal kindness are important to me. Melvin acted more like a long-time neighbor than total stranger. Bill Mullinix, Jr., New London

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