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Young couples pitch in to help Charlotte motorist

In October after the “Treasures in the Trunk” sale at St. Matthew Catholic Church, a couple passing by noticed I was having difficulty getting my folding table to fold.

The young man, who was there for a pre-marriage seminar, right away offered assistance and got the table to fold.

When I was ready to leave, my vehicle wouldn’t start. Another young couple there for the seminar heard the dreaded sound of my car not starting and offered to jump it if I had jumper cables. Fortunately, I did. They pulled their car around to assist.

To get to my battery wasn’t easy, but fortunately he had tools in his car. I told his future wife she was lucky to have a handy guy. He got my vehicle started all while missing some of their seminar. It's wonderful to know these young people who take the time to help. Lisa Viola, Charlotte

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