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These S.C. angels travel with boxes and packing tape

As I approached my one-year anniversary of living in South Carolina, I recalled a group of angels that made this move possible. My husband had recently died, which meant I had to make the move alone.

One morning as I tried to figure out how I could manage, there was a knock on my door. A group with friends with boxes, newspapers and tape pushed me aside and told me they were going to do all my packing. They insisted I sit and instruct them what went where.

The husband of one of my angels – an angel himself – began cleaning out my garage. He spent 11 hours sorting, hauling trash and old tools and more.

Meanwhile, the angels went to work taking apart my house, filling boxes, organizing, sorting and disposing of useless items. They decided I needed a yard sale. So, as they worked, they created a pile of things to be sold. Their yard sale yielded almost $1,000, which they gave me.

One friend took loads to Goodwill. Another found foreign coins – and a bank that would accept them. The house soon filled up with neatly labeled boxes.

Once Steve (the aforementioned angel) finished cleaning my garage and disposing of tools, he drove to my new house. I created a diagram of the interior and indicated where each piece of furniture would go.

On moving day, placing furniture was an easy task. Not an angel was in sight; they had already done their work.

So, Sharon, Mary Ann, Margaret, Nilah, Steve, Fran, Natalie and Nancy: I will always be grateful for your angelic work on my behalf. If I have forgotten to thank anyone, it was simply an oversight.

JoAnn Gardner, Indian Land, S.C., as told to Page Leggett

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