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Gutter cleaners come to aid of elderly Charlotte man

My 95-year-old father was working in my garage – now his workshop – repairing a chair for his granddaughter when he lost his balance and fell.

I was unable to pull him up, and since it was the middle of the day, almost all the neighbors were at work. Though he wasn’t hurt, my father was certainly uncomfortable on the concrete floor.

I headed out to try to find a neighbor at home when I spotted two men with a gutter cleaning service – Gutter Cleaning Solutions out of China Grove – in my cul-de-sac. I flagged them down, told them what had happened, and they rushed over to help.

They literally ran to my garage and, in no time, had lifted my dad and made sure he was safely seated before leaving. We offered to pay them something, but they said, “No thanks are necessary” and wished us a blessed day.

We truly were blessed to find such willing helpers that day! Dale Carpenter, Charlotte

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