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An unexpected Valentine appears in a hospital cafeteria

Bill and Barbara Strickland
Bill and Barbara Strickland Courtesy of Bill and Barbara Strickland

It was Valentine’s Day, and I had spent the night before at the Carolinas Medical Center main campus with my husband of almost 50 years, who was very ill. After feeding him some breakfast, I went downstairs to the hospital cafeteria, feeling a little blue and teary-eyed.

I fixed my tray and went to the register to pay. A young man stepped in front of me and said, “Let me pay for that.” He was a worker at the cafeteria and handed the cashier his card. He then said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

His gesture made me realize how many good people there are in the world. A depressing day can be turned into a good day by a random act of kindness. This young man will never know how he made my day. Barbara Strickland, Waxhaw

As told to Page Leggett

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