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Angels pay for a meal that turns out to be the last with her brother

Harriet Dobbins
Harriet Dobbins

My little brother Monty, who was born with a heart condition and a number of other challenges, lived his last 15-plus years at Holy Angels in Belmont – a nonprofit residential facility for differently abled people – infants through older adults. He worked at Cherubs Café and Cherubs Candy Bouquet – two businesses in downtown Belmont staffed by Holy Angels residents.

During Christmas 2006, our family realized that this child – who “might not live to be 5,” according to doctors – had lived to be 43. We also knew his heart may not last much longer.

Over the next few weeks, we made our usual Saturday visits with him. On one particular Sunday, he and I decided to eat lunch at Cherubs Café, where he ordered his favorite chicken salad and vanilla shake.

A pleasant couple dining beside us asked Monty about his Christmas. In his usual outgoing way, he gave them details about the family gathering at my house. I translated some of his words, as someone with an untrained ear often had a difficulty understanding him.

When we went to the register to pay, I was told the couple seated beside us had already paid our bill. Little did I know that this kind and wonderful couple had paid for my last meal with Monty.

His life on Earth ended Feb. 27, 2007. Still today, my thoughts of Monty take me to this loving couple who unknowingly gave us our last meal together. Thank you for caring.

Harriet Robinson Dobbins, Lincolnton

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