Everyday Angels

A minister appears in a gas station – just when he’s needed

I was traveling to the beach a few weeks ago on a Friday evening when, during a heavy rainfall, my car hydroplaned and crashed into the center wires in the median. My car was still drivable, but I got off at the next exit to check for damage at a gas station – where I had cover from the rain.

I was on I-26 and still about an hour from Charleston, S.C. A minivan pulled in behind me, and the driver noticed I was looking over my car and asked if he could help. Turns out my tire had a large slit in it from the wreck. I didn’t know how to change it, but he said he was happy to help. He even called his father-in-law, who owns a mechanic shop.

He took time to change my tire and even had an air pump in his car to blow up my spare since the gas station didn’t have air. In exchange, I watched his three children, ages 5, 3 and 1, for a couple of hours while he worked on my car. He was so kind to help me and even let me follow him to the beach, as he was getting off one exit before me. He wanted to make sure my spare tire didn't lose air when we got back on the highway. This kind man would not let me pay him, but he did allow me to buy the kids an ice-cream treat.

I was so thankful no one was hurt in the accident and that this man took hours, when he was already singlehandedly taking care of his three children, to help me. I did find out his name is Aaron Meadows and that he’s a minister in Charleston, S.C. He was truly my guardian angel! Sarah Moore, Denver, N.C.