Everyday Angels

An entire family offers help to a young, injured paddleboarder

This summer, my daughter, Cassie, 20, and I were paddleboarding in Murrells Inlet, S.C. I hadn’t thought to warn Cassie about oyster beds. Her previous paddleboarding had been on Lake Norman and in San Diego. She had never fallen.

I had paddled out beyond her, and when I returned, a family was assisting her. Her fin had gotten caught on an oyster bed. She lost her balance, fell in and caught her right knee on the oysters. When she regained her balance, the board started getting away. As she tried to capture it, she began tearing up her left foot.

She called the company from her cellphone for help, but it was taking them a while to reach her.

A couple heard her scream, and they came out to see what they could do. Then a kayaking family helped, too. The mom and her son went to retrieve Cassie’s board, while the father and his son pulled Cassie into their boat until the rental company representative got there.

She had 26 stitches. The nurse practitioner in urgent care worked for four hours to get all the shell remnants out.

I asked if I could buy the family lunch or get their names and address so I could send them something. The parents said, “No, we would just hope someone would do the same for us.” Jennifer Calvert, Concord