Everyday Angels

Homeless man steps in to fix a flat tire

I believe in miracles and in angels, and I believe they walk among us every day. Sometimes they show themselves to us, as I believe one did to my husband and me in 2010.

During my late husband’s long battle with small cell lung cancer, he was privileged to meet many of God’s angels who cared for and helped him. William had just finished a long, harsh regimen of chemotherapy and was now on a long round of radiation treatments. His body was weak, but his faith and spirit were still strong.

We were returning home from a radiation treatment when we heard and felt a tire blow on our pickup. We pulled into a gas station on Williamson Road in Mooresville seeking help, but there was no one there who could help us.

I had never changed a tire, and William wasn’t physically able to. As William left the station to get back in the pickup to call for assistance, a gentleman approached him and asked what he needed. My husband told him we had a flat tire and the reason he couldn’t change it. The man told him he would help.

As the gentleman changed the tire, we learned he was homeless and had a bad heart. Our angel changed the tire, didn’t want any payment for his help, but was willing to accept a ride to a friend’s house where he had an old car he was trying to fix up. Of course, we were happy to drive him there, and we finally got him to accept some money, which he said was an answer to a prayer he had made for a part he needed for the car.

We never saw the man again, but I believe he was put there to help. I pray that an angel is watching over him for the kindness he showed to a stranger, my dear husband, that day. And who knows? Maybe William – who died in 2011 – is watching over him now, as I feel him watching over me. Kay Brown, Mooresville