Everyday Angels

Helpers step in with a ride after train wreck

In 2000, my two children, ages 10 and 7, accompanied me on what was supposed to be a 10-hour train trip from Charlotte to Baltimore. Only two hours into the trip, right before Raleigh, the train hit a truck trying to beat it across the tracks. The truck burst into flames, the train derailed and passengers were thrown around in the cars.

We were all unloaded, and a very kind company opened up their break room for our use – offering us snacks, drinks and restrooms. After several hours of waiting with my two young children, we were told we would continue our journey on a bus, which would take even longer than the remaining eight hours the train would have taken.

I made flight reservations for the three of us and called a taxi. However, the driver was unable to come anywhere close to the accident scene. Strangers heard me trying to reach the driver, getting more and more concerned as our flight time approached. They offered to take the three of us directly to the Raleigh airport in the back of their furniture van.

We made it just in time to run through the airport and board the plane. It was due to the kindness of this wonderful couple that we made it to Baltimore to see family after our harrowing ordeal.

Marcia Brashear, Concord