Everyday Angels

Everyday Angels: Charlotte Home Depot employees help family of injured boy

My grandson, Ajai, 18, sustained a serious traumatic brain injury in a car accident this June. He had multiple brain surgeries, a tracheostomy and a feeding tube. There were also other complications during the months he was in the hospital. Ajai’s mom (my daughter) and dad did not want him to go to a nursing home; they insisted that he come home with them upon his release.

That’s when I set out on the journey to make his home suitable for someone in his condition. There were many generous contributors: Central Church of God (flooring), Hearts Secured Ministry (wheelchair ramp) and Plaza Appliance Mart (refrigerator).

My daughter’s fridge had been leaking for more than two years. It is a big job taking care of Ajai along with his brother and sister (twins), who will be 4 years old soon. I didn’t want Heather worrying about the fridge going completely out during this trying time.

One of the last things needed to complete Ajai’s room was a cart that would hold some small medical equipment. At the Home Depot on North Wendover Road, Greg showed me just what I needed. I did not go there with the intention of getting anything for free – just a price that fit my budget. He asked if I could wait a few minutes, and he slipped away.

When he returned, I asked what the price was and he said, “What about free?” Then Patrick, the operations manager, came by and asked if there was anything else I needed. My head was reeling with the blessing I just received, but I remembered we also needed a shower head with a long cord and a shower curtain. He then placed those items in my arms. Patrick and Greg then walked me to my car with the items, but the cart would not fit in my small Honda.

Patrick said that was no problem. The two men followed me home with the cart in one of their trucks. I was so overwhelmed with the blessing from God. Sheila Wall, Charlotte