Everyday Angels

Cornelius drivers save the day by stopping to corral escaped pooch

My husband and I recently adopted a small, black, mixed-breed dog. Roxy has gotten out of our fenced yard several times – even after we had an invisible fence installed. Once she gets away, it’s nearly impossible to catch her. She can run like a gazelle, and we can tell she really enjoys the game.

Her most recent escape occurred on a recent weekday at about 5 p.m. We live in Cornelius just off N.C 73. Traffic at that time of day is horrendous, and Roxy headed straight for the highway. My other dog, Libby, and I chased her, but to no avail. She crossed the road back and forth three times, narrowly dodging several cars. By then, I was almost in hysterics, convinced I’d see her get hit and killed. Motorists were blowing their horns; some were shouting angrily.

Then, one man stopped and parked his car. We both went after her. Shortly afterward, two more men did the same thing. Now, there were four of us attempting to corner her in someone’s yard just off the highway. Finally, a young woman stopped and parked. She offered dog treats and an extra lead and she was finally able to calm Roxy enough for me to get the lead on her collar.

I don’t know how I could have possibly brought this situation under control without these compassionate people. I tried to get their names, but they all said, “Don’t worry about it.” I’m pretty sure they were all dog owners who immediately understood what was going on and that I needed help. I don’t know their names or where they live, but I will never forget any of them.

Claudia Vigor, Cornelius