Everyday Angels

The angel delivered heating oil

In the early 1980s, I was a single mother and struggled a bit financially. In the winter, I had a 5-gallon kerosene can that I would fill up and slosh into the big, old oil drum out back. That would keep us warm for a few days.

One cold day, I came home to find a note hanging on the door handle from a heating and oil company. It read: “MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mike.” He had the whole tank filled!

I didn’t know Mike well and never imagined getting a gift like that. My daughter and I were toasty warm all winter that year. Once in a while after that, Mike would drop off tickets so I could take my daughter to the circus and other events.

Times got a lot better over the years, and I’ve gotten gifts for birthdays, Christmas and all the other occasions. Even though it’s been more than 30 years, the one gift I’ve never forgotten was that heating oil.

I haven’t seen Mike in more than 30 years, but his kind act has stayed with me my whole life. Sherry Faulkenberry Browning, Charlotte