Everyday Angels

Strangers step up to help Charlotte man who fell

On Nov. 11, I was taking my husband, Dwight, 81, to the doctor. Dwight had a stroke last year, and does not walk very well. As we started up the steps, he missed the first one and fell. Since he does not have full use of his left hand and arm, he was unable to push himself up. In the past, when he has fallen, I have called 911, and the firefighters have graciously come over and helped him up. I felt this was one of those times again.

There was a young woman carrying a child in her arms, and two other ladies who came over to see if they could help. I told them I would go to the doctor’s office and get help or call 911. In the doctor’s office, one of the patients – who we later learned was the husband of the lady with the baby – stood up and said he would see if he could help. The doctor’s assistant brought the wheelchair.

Back at the scene, Dwight was able to roll over on his side. The young man and the other two ladies took his arms and lifted him up. The assistant wheeled him into the office and rendered first aid to his abrasions. In all the excitement, I neglected to get the names of the rescuers. I believe that they were meant to be there at that time to help two older folks and would like to say another THANK YOU for being there. You are everyday angels.

Joyce (and Dwight) Blackmon, Charlotte