Everyday Angels

Charlotte sanitation crew helps stranded driver

I recently turned into our law office at 817 E. Trade Street where the trolley construction is taking place – and has been for two years!

My car got stuck on a piece of fence railing that had been left in the driveway by construction workers. The two gentlemen in a city sanitation truck, John T. White and Entonio Roberts, were so kind. It was raining, and my car would not budge.

They got out in the rain, removed my boxes of legal files, and jacked the car up until the pole could be removed. They were the nicest guys ever and refused any money to help me.

For those of us who have endured these two years of construction, they were a bright spot in an otherwise dismal situation. They were my special angels that day.

Frances S. Knox, Charlotte

Note: This is the second time Charlotte city sanitation employees were featured here. In November, we told you about workers who helped free a kitten trapped in a car engine compartment.