Tracy Lee Curtis

Tracy Curtis: Tips for getting ready for the holidays


I want to be ready for the holidays this year. Thankfully, has some great ideas. I guess ….

Swap lighter throws and cushion covers for cozier winter versions in velvet, chenille and cashmere. Um – if I have velvet, chenille and cashmere – I’m wearing it. Not sitting on it.

Load up on votives. It doesn’t say what they’re for. Maybe to light? But maybe to throw at the cat when she tries to climb the Christmas tree.

If your living room light isn’t on a dimmer switch, install one. I like this one – makes the in-laws think they’re going blind.

Display a pillar candle on top of a bed of cranberries or chestnuts inside a hurricane lantern. Duplicate or triplicate as desired. Or quadruple. And then change the name on your welcome mat to Pottery Barn.

Bedeck the dining table with a seasonal runner. Right after you Google “bedeck.”

Condition and protect your wood dining table. Because in a house of votives, Christmas china, sparkling lights and glass ornaments, the wood dining table is the most delicate and fragile.

Create a long-lasting and eco-friendly tabletop arrangement with tiny vases, teapots, recycled bottles or other vessels filled with sprigs of fresh ever-greenery from your yard. Or not.

Hang a swag of ribbon from the bottom of your chandelier. It’ll distract the cat from the tree, sparing the votives.

Decorate the table with edibles such as a bowl of nuts with decorative nutcracker or bevy of clementines or petite lady apples. Or just eat the cranberries and chestnuts in the hurricane lantern.

Buy or make Christmas crackers. I don’t know what these are. I’m guessing it’s a Christmas cookie, but with salt. And Brie.

Check your linen napkins, make sure they’re ironed. But if they’re paper like mine, ironing is not recommended.

Iron your tablecloth. (See above)

Pull paper clutter off the side of your fridge to make room for holiday cards, snapshots or other mementoes. That’s what’s up there now!

Purge your fridge. Pickled fiddleheads? Ancient mustard? Old miso paste? Clear it out to make room for party trays and leftovers. I disagree, that’s all the stuff I use to make dip.

Fold bath and hand towels and guest robes at the foot of the bed in the guest room. Place a packaged toothbrush on top. Guest slippers are another nice touch. Or skip this step and make them a reservation at the Holiday Inn.

Swap your regular hand towels for seasonal ones. My towels have quotes, so I’m swapping out, “Well this day was a TOTAL waste of makeup,” with “This is as Merry as we get.”

It’s a start ….