Tracy Lee Curtis

Finding satisfaction in the gift of giving

I’m not entirely familiar with Giving Tuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But someone tells me it’s to celebrate and encourage giving and address local challenges. Good, because I have several local giving ideas ….

For my first act of giving, I’m going to give the two-story Harris Teeter at Providence and Queens some feedback: Your grocery store looks like a riverboat. It doesn’t make me want to buy grapes – it makes me want to gamble. I say we install a roulette wheel and push it into the Catawba River.

For my next act of giving – and this is really generous – I’m going to give my cable provider a second chance. I’ll give them the opportunity to show up in the four-hour window, to charge what they quoted me, and promptly take my call when I’m overcharged, losing my picture or can’t connect to Wi-Fi. You know what, this sounds ridiculous – I think on this one, I’ll just give up.

I’m going to give Zumba a try. My sister did it and said the shimmying and shaking was really fun. But to make sure I sign up for the right class – she ended up in Body Attack. Which turned out to be more shock than shimmy. Noted.

I’m going to give my kids their allowance this week, but I’m going to ask them to give me change. No one has made their bed in two weeks. And with all these shoes at the front door, we’ll never get the tree in here. Or groceries, for that matter.

I’m going to give Jenny Craig a rest. It’s been nice taking off a few pounds before the holidays and realizing my weight-loss goals. Well, realizing my weight-loss goals are completely unrealistic. But I need more room in my freezer and less prepared food boxes in my recycling. And Doritos, I need Doritos.

I’m going to give Park Road Books a shoutout for selling my new holiday book, so I don’t have to sell them all out of my car. Even without the Jenny Craig food boxes, it would still be tight. And I don’t want to make change out of the glove box.

I’m going to give a heads-up to 2016 that yes, I intend to do it better, faster, smarter and leaner. But by February, I’ll probably give that a rest.

And I’m going to give money to the local YWCA for their amazing Women In Transition program – safe, secure housing, bringing hope to single, unaccompanied women in our community. Of all my giving, this one definitely feels the best.

But I still think we need slot machines in the HT.

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