Tracy Lee Curtis

Which hour do you want to lose?

So I tell my son we’re going to lose an hour this week, and I ask him if he could pick any hour to lose, which one would it be?

“The one where I have math,” he answered.

Exactly. And that’s how it should work. If the daylight saving time people are going to take an hour from us, we should be able to pick the one we want to lose. I would pick the hour washing lacrosse uniforms. It’s gross, it smells and it requires tongs to transfer the clothes from the floor to the washing machine.

Although … I really can’t afford to lose that hour. Because if those clothes sit in the laundry room long enough, they actually stick together and then harden. And then you can’t just fling them into the washer with the tongs, you have to get out the hammer and break them apart. At that point, you’re just losing more time.

I could lose the hour it takes to make white chicken chili – going to the grocery store for the chili packets, the chicken, beans, corn, tomatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream and chips. But then – we wouldn’t have white chicken chili.

I would gladly lose the hour I sit on hold with my health care provider. But the last time I sat on hold, I forgot something on the stove, started a small fire, and my son had to put it out because I wouldn’t hang up and lose my place. So unless I want to start putting out my own fires, I need that hour to be tied up.

I could easily lose any hour that Donald Trump is yammering away at a political rally. But Joe Scarborough is just going to interview him on “Morning Joe” and I’ll get my headache and nausea anyway.

I could lose that hour I spend paying bills … but I don’t want my cable cut off before the next set of primaries. Or the finale of “The Bachelor.”

I would lose any hour spent unloading all the groceries from my car and putting them away. But then we’d have to tailgate every day – and I’d spend at least an hour re-covering all the food, taking down the tent and chasing neighborhood dogs away.

I could lose the hour I spend carpooling my boys to soccer and lacrosse games. But then they’d be at home with me, making it highly unlikely I would get the clothes cracked open and the car ready for dinner.

I guess what I’m realizing is that I really don’t have an hour to lose. But the daylight saving people are still going to take it away. So I guess I would pick the hour paying bills and just let cable go.

And then I don’t have to listen to Joe Scarborough.