Tracy Lee Curtis

Happy to have something that’s hard to let go of

(Gulp of coffee, deep breath …)

So … this morning I have a little bit of news. Today’s column will be the last of my weekly humor column. Sorry, just had to rip off that Band Aid so we can get to the good stuff. While I will happily continue to contribute on occasion to The Charlotte Observer, it just won’t be weekly next to the crossword.

This has been the most rewarding experience of my entire life. When I won Fox Charlotte’s “Rising Star” contest in 2005 to cover the “American Idol” finale, I thought I was starting my television career. I never dreamed the Charlotte Observer would ask me to blog from behind the scenes, or that it would lead to another blog about pregnancy at 40, and eventually an offer to be the family humor columnist for the paper.

What a gift, to be able to write in real time for a decade about the ups and downs of love, life and marriage and the imperfection in it all! And then get to hear from you that something I said made you laugh, or made you feel like you weren’t alone, or gave you a much needed lift.

I won’t miss deadlines, words counts, or that panic over what in the world I’m going to write about. Or emails asking, “Were you trying to be funny?” To which I always enjoyed replying, “No, why? Was I?”

But I will absolutely miss folks telling me they cut my column out of the newspaper and it’s hanging on their refrigerator. Or that they mailed it to their mother, sister or daughter. In this digital age, hearing that someone took the time to find scissors, cut out my column, and surely rearrange their “World’s Greatest Mom” magnets to display it, is just the best compliment.

I’ll also miss hearing couples recount how they argue over who gets to read it out loud to the other on Sunday morning. So hilarious! Picturing two adults in their robes playing tug of war with the newspaper, “No let ME read it to YOU!” just makes my day.

But while the column ends, all of my columns will live on in my Humor Me Series of gift books, collections of my favorite stories that I shared with you. “Holidazed” just won a National Independent Publisher Book Award, and “Trophy Mom” is now in bookstores and is full of stories about being the imperfect mom. More books to come! You can follow all my adventures on

And so 10 years and over 500 columns later, I say thank you for all that you have given me. Your loyalty, support and friendship. I don’t know what you’ll fight over now on Sunday mornings …

I guess, who gets to do the crossword.

Tracy Curtis will sign copies of “Trophy Mom” at 2 p.m. April 30 at Park Road Books.