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7 Charlotte ice cream shops you need to try

Two Scoops
Two Scoops

As a Charlotte native, I am thrilled to see the explosion of smaller, local and (often) handmade ice cream spots around town. Plus, is there any better way to celebrate the heat than taste-test all the new spots? I don’t think so.

Here are some of the most buzzworthy spots and what to order when you get there.

Ninety’s Ice Cream & Sandwiches

Ninety's 4_photo courtesy of Ninety's Ice Cream and Sandwiches
Ninety’s Ice Cream & Sandwiches Photo courtesy of Ninety’s.

9009 J M Keynes Drive, Ste. 4

Is it worth the drive up to University? Yes. Does it live up to the hype? Absolutely. In addition to classic flavors, Ninety’s also offers milkshakes, macaron ice cream sandwiches, cookie dough pops and doughnut-meets-ice cream combos called Yum-EE Buns.

What to order: Try the Cookie Monster Yum-EE Bun with cookie dough ice cream, oreos, and cookie crisps cereal. But with this many options, we won’t judge if you order more than one delicacy.

Two Scoops Creamery

Two Scoops_Sallie Funderburk
Two Scoops, 913 Central Ave., Charlotte; 807 Williamson Road, Suite 108, Mooresville. Sallie Funderburk

913 Central Ave., Charlotte; 807 Williamson Road, Suite 108, Mooresville

With locations in Plaza Midwood and Mooresville, Two Scoops Creamery boasts a seasonal selection of flavors, as well as 32 constants that will have your mouth watering. Added bonus? Hand painted murals by local artist Miriam Yumet.

What to order: The Toasted Coconut or the Cookie Dough.

Golden Cow Creamery

Golden Cow_Sallie Funderburk
Golden Cow Creamery, 170 W. Summit Ave., Charlotte. Sallie Funderburk

170 West Summit Ave., Charlotte

If South End is where you prefer your adventures, then Golden Cow is the perfect spot for you. With six classic flavors, plus four rotating flavors available, there’s no shortage of treats.

What to order: The Key Lime Pie.

Jolly Rolls Ice Cream

8433 Charlotte Hwy., Fort Mill; 10020 Monroe Road, #110, Matthews

For a rolled ice cream option, Jolly Rolls has shops in the suburban towns of Matthews, N.C., and Fort Mill, S.C. There are more than 21 signature flavors, but you’re more than welcome to develop your own concoction.

What to order: The Chocolate Thunder, a mix of chocolate fudge, chocolate shaving, chocolate chips powder, brownie and chocolate chips.

Elizabeth Creamery

1535 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte

It’s easy to drive past Elizabeth Creamery, nestled around the corner from Elizabeth Avenue, but it’s absolutely worth a stop. Taste test all of the flavors your heart desires before finally ordering a cone of your own.

What to order: The Heavenly Hash, milk chocolate ice cream with peanuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Mr. K’s Soft Ice Cream

2107 South Blvd., Charlotte

If soft serve is what you are craving, then drive right over to Mr. K’s across the street from Atherton Mill in South End. This Charlotte institution is serving up the best milkshakes and soft serve around – no contest.

What to order: Classic dipped cone.


Popbar_Amanda Buehler
Popbar, 3123 North Davidson St., Suite B, Charlotte. Amanda Buehler

3123 North Davidson St., Suite B, Charlotte

OK, so it’s not technically ice cream. But we’ve got to mention it because these gelato and sorbet popsicles are so delicious that it’s hard to even get in the door at Popbar for the crowds of people swarming it. These creations are customized to fit your craving by offering a variety of dipping and topping options.

What to order: Hazelnut gelato pop, dipped in dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts on top.

– Allyson Bush and Caroline Portillo contributed