Elevation honors Pastor Furtick with music video

Elevation church pastor Steven Furtick
Elevation church pastor Steven Furtick Facebook

October is Pastor Appreciation Month and most churches mark it by honoring their spiritual leader with, say, a dinner or maybe a gift.

At Charlotte’s Elevation Church, they did a rap video.

Clocking in at nearly three minutes, the rap-and-dance music tribute to Pastor Steven Furtick has a cast of maybe 100, including recognizable church staffers such as Chunks Corbett, Elevation’s chief financial officer. His unsmiling face is the video’s first image.

“Pastor Appreciation 2015,” which is taking off on Twitter, is modeled after “Downtown,” a rap video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. In that video, the rapper is looking for a moped; in Elevation’s version, the search is for a church.

The refrain, sung by the cast, goes like this: “Pastor/He has big arms/And has big faith/No word he says will go to waste/For well over 3,000 days/He always preaches down the place.”

The video also plays like an invitation to listeners to visit the fast-growing church, which is popular with young people.

The video will likely fuel critics’ claims that the church puts Furtick on way too high of a pedestal. But it’s catchy and creative – a hallmark of a lot of the multimedia productions from the church, which has 10 sites in and around Charlotte.

The church’s Tweet: It’s Pastor Appreciation Month, & our staff made a little music video for Ps @stevenfurtick & @hollyfurtick. Visit: