Charlotte sanitation workers rescue trapped kitten

It was a chilly morning, and my daughter and I were on our way to preschool. I started the car and turned on my windshield wipers to clear the window. I heard a funny noise, and while it sounded almost like a quiet “meow,” I assumed it was the wipers, which must be in need of replacement.

I pulled out of the driveway and made it about 200 feet. “Meow.” Since my wipers were off by now, I knew it was coming from another source.

I got out of my car, looked underneath and didn’t see anything. So, I got back in and continued another 100 feet. “Meow.” I turned the car off and opened my hood to find a small, orange tabby kitten sitting on the battery. One gentleman stopped to help but the kitty scrambled down into the engine area and quickly found some nook to hide in.

Just a few minutes later, a city sanitation truck – with Michael Hill, Kareem Foster and Quintis Kimble in it – approached and stopped to ask if I was OK. When I explained what was happening, they pulled over and got to work. They jacked my car up and spent the next 45 minutes working together to get the kitten out. One gentleman held a flashlight over the motor, the second gentleman was a second set of eyes from the top and the third was totally underneath my car.

Despite the fact that my neighbor brought warm milk to coax the kitten out, it was no easy effort. These men persisted until the job was done. (The startled kitten bolted off to his next adventure as soon as he was rescued – and was too fast for any of us to catch.) I was thankful to the city workers for taking the time and a great deal of physical effort to help both the kitten and my daughter and me.

Monica Gallant, Charlotte

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