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If the Shoe Fits

Hello! Welcome to SouthPark Magazine’s newest blog, If The Shoe Fits.

Allow me to share a bit about myself: I am a bit of a fashion/style/beauty obsessive. I tend to think of myself as a fish, attracted to just about anything sparkly or fabulous, especially if I can wear it on my feet.

Also a master of rationalization, through this blog I hope to legitimize my excessive magazine habit and lust for beauty products.

My latest obsession? False eyelashes. I recently wore them for the first time and was feeling extraordinarily doe-eyed. I immediately started trying to figure out if my budget would allow for a personal lash attendant to apply daily. Not so much.

My ongoing obsessions? Shoes (the higher the heel the better). And handbags. Oh, and all things Tom Ford.

I don’t live by a ton of rules, but I does adhere to a few principles when it comes to personal style:

You don’t need to spend a million dollars to look like you do

No one has to know what size you wear unless you tell them

Self-confidence is sexier than any stiletto or tight dress, and it matches everything you own.

I have been a professional journalist for what feels like ages, most recently as Style Editor at the Charlotte Observer. Now I am the head boss lady at Rachel Sutherland Communications, a boutique public relations firm specializing in stylish words for fashionable people.

I am a frustrated crafter who adores all things vintage, especially textiles and jewelry. As I mentioned before, I am fiendish in my coveting of handbags and shoes.

I am a Michigan native with an adorably supportive husband and two babies who would shrivel up and die at that description (they are seven and five). I am a triathlete, too, and serve on the board of Tri It For Life, a non-profit training group for first time female athletes.

Let’s talk beauty, fashion, style and products!