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An idea for parents, and another for anyone

Who doesn't need their own Mary Poppins these days...or at least a night out without the kiddies? I don't have kids, but I've heard stories. Sometimes you need to have some time away from the children you love dearly, and that is where Purple Nanny comes in.

Purple Nanny is a childcare placement service based in Charlotte. It's run by a sweet, patient professional who has over 15 years of in-home childcare experience and truly cares about each family she and her staff works with throughout the area. This kiddie wonderland provides newborn assistance, acts as mother's helper, summer care provider and more. Whether you just need a night out or are going away for a short-term business opportunity, Purple Nanny can help. Check them out at

Meantime, here's a tip for those planning to make healthy New Year's Resolutions: Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting wants you to be fit and they give you traditional and nontraditional ways to do so. Of course, at the fitness studio you have option of one-on-one personal training where the attention is all on you and your fitness goals. Or, you can opt for the bootcamp classes which are small groups between 5-10 individuals, where you will probably feel like you are in basic training for the Army.

If you are in the military, then you know how these classes go. Bootcamps started as a fad but continue to stay around because of the results they give to various body types. Whether you're a stay-at-home-home mom who just had baby No. 2 or a retired military man wanting to get back in shape, there is a bootcamp for you. In addition to training, Shape Up gives you nutritional tips and also has their own newsletter that includes articles based around fitness/nutrition, as well as a healthy recipe that helps you to stay the course.

Straight from the horse's mouth (Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting owner Michael Anders:)I had created Shape Up Fitness & Wellness with the goal in mind to help people lose their weight, after seeing many fail in big chain gyms and working with unqualified trainers. In 2009 I had to apply my knowledge to my own body. I created the training plan, watched my eating and the pounds melted rapidly off. This made me even more determined to help people achieve their dream body, lose weight and tone!

Check them out at