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Kevin Murphy Powder Puff.
Kevin Murphy Powder Puff.

I love some big hair, perhaps because mine so rarely is just that. Instead, I’ve got fine hair that prefers to lay flat on my head unless coaxed and coddled.

So when I discovered Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff, I was incredulous. Really? A little sprinkle of the pinky, candy-scented powder will give me instant 1980s volume? Riiiight.

Right on is more like it. It’s magical, I tell you, especially on day two of a blow out. I can go from a lifeless, dull hair to full, faux thick hair instantly with a few shakes of the pink egg. On dry hair, I flip up a section of my hair, shake on the power at the roots, do a little tszuj, and I’m good to go.

So what is it exactly? Best not to question too much, only appreciate and adore. But creator Kevin Murphy says the product contains seaweed extracts, and extracts from apples, plums, cranberries and citrus as well.

$28, Shine Salon in Plaza Midwood and other salons.