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Feel inspired

Presbyterian Cancer Center gives patients many reasons to be inspired withits third annual calendar that allows twelve cancer survivors to tell theirstories. While the calendars are free to those impacted by cancer, donationsare appreciated to aid Buddy Kemp Cancer Support Center. Visit the center at242 Colonial Ave. or call 704-384-5223 for more information.

Meet Carol Solomon, a SouthPark resident, former teacher, and colon cancer survivor whois featured in this year’s calendar: What are some of the things you enjoy doing every day?I’m involved in a lot of things: Bible study on Thursdays, playing bridgewith a group of girlfriends, and I’m an avid Tar Heel basketball fan. Idon’t miss a game! I also rescue Old English Sheepdogs—I’ve rescued fivesince January, fostered some, and have my own. I’m also very proactive in myhealthcare. I tell my doctors that I “co-doctor” with them, and theyappreciate that. What have you learned from this journey?Make the best out of every circumstance that you’ve been given. Right nowpeople are out of work, some are facing bankruptcy, and I have medicalproblems. Everybody has a cross to bear; it’s about how we deal with thoseproblems. What’s the best thing we can do to help those battling cancer?Stay positive! I’ve seen many cancer survivors who are negative and who giveup. My faith and my family have gotten me here, and a lot of it is me. I’m apositive person, and I’m a fighter. Thank God for each and every day.