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Spotlight: Flex + Fit

Flex + Fit will open uptown in May and offer both yoga and cooking classes.
Flex + Fit will open uptown in May and offer both yoga and cooking classes.

One normal day in uptown I was driving along and saw an unassuming sign about Flex + Fit but under the sign is what caught my eye. It included some of the services the company would and cooking classes, you say? Not to take anything away from Charlotte, but with a place like this I was wondering if I was still in it. Flex + Fit sounded so interesting and different, I was immediately intrigued.

After connecting with owner Shama Patel, I found out a few tidbits that made me fall in love with the place even much so that I had to share with HoneeBee followers even though the place doesn't open until May, which is not normally my style, but don't worry I will let you know when the grand opening is and give you a few gift ideas in the meantime.

Telling you that Flex + Fit (FF) is a health club doesn't do it justice. Yes, FF will have four studios where various exercise classes will take place including air yoga (where you can hang from hammocks...yes hammocks!) and spin classes where there will be large theatre screens projecting images that allow you to feel like you are literally moving in the studio. As Patel told me one of the images "feels like you are riding through the hills of Hawaii." Personal training sessions are also available. Now don't forget I mentioned cooking! In addition to the fitness studios, FF will host cooking kitchens where local chefs show you how to eat well and all participants walk away with a recipe. A great combination with your workouts, no?

Flex and Fit will also include a retail center, tea and smoothie bar and art! In addition to opening this beautiful club, Patel is an artist and her art will adorn the walls of FF and she hopes to bring in other artists too. When asked about this concept and why, she simply told me "I knew I needed to do something different." And guess what? She did it, and I can't wait to see it in the flesh in May.

Here are a few gift ideas (below) that I sprinkled throughout my post. These would be good for the fitness nut, your bestie who is bored with her current fitness regime, your bro who needs to learn how to cook, man cannot live on pizza alone and anyone who is ready to try something new in the world of fitness and cooking.

Gift ideas

Fitness class passes - I don't know about you but I'd like to spin through Hawaii!

Cooking class passes - Learn how to cook healthy in the same place you are trying to exercise to be healthy? Yes, please!

Artwork - original artwork is very subjective, but a great gift when you know the giftee's style

Personal Training sessions for you and your boo - take time out to get fit together!

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