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Snapshot: Michael Marsicano

(Left to Right) David, Jamie, Chris and Michael Marsicano.
(Left to Right) David, Jamie, Chris and Michael Marsicano. Jamey Price

As president and CEO of the philanthropic Foundation for the Carolinas, Michael Marsicano is no stranger to helping the community. A passionate supporter of the arts, Marsicano previously served as president and CEO of the Arts and Science Council. He’s also a devoted family man with a wife and three sons. In June, the Charlotte Father’s Day Council will honor Marsicano as one of five “Fathers of the Year,” along with Peter Browning of Peter Browning & Associates, Bertram Scott of CIGNA Corporation, Chris Little of Hendrick Automotive Group and Rick Puckett of Snyder’s-Lance. The Father of the Year event is held annually to benefit the American Diabetes Association. The black tie-optional gala is June 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Westin and includes dinner and a ceremony. Tickets are $175. Details: 704-373-9111, ext. 3261.

The most rewarding part of fatherhood is experiencing a depth of love I could not have imagined possible.

My personal definition of a good father is a man who forgoes his dreams for his children in favor of their dreams for themselves.

In my work at Foundation for the Carolinas, I am inspired most by the generous donors who make possible the work of dedicated nonprofit professionals.

Something I enjoy doing with my children is traveling collectively and individually with them. When each son turned 14 I took them to visit a European country of their choosing; Christopher and I went to Italy; Jamie and I went to Switzerland; and David and I went to Greece. These were very special bonding experiences.

To me, receiving a "Father of the Year" award is meaningful because first, it is an extraordinary honor suggesting I just might have performed the job well. Second, it is an exciting opportunity to help support a worthy cause.

The American Diabetes Association is important because it is imperative that we support the research necessary to find a cure for diabetes. Within our circle of family and friends we have seen the pain and suffering caused by diabetes.