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Test drive: Lush Karma Komba Shampoo Bar

Lush Karma Komba solid shampoo.
Lush Karma Komba solid shampoo. Courtesy of Lush

As much as I like to think I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants kind of girl, from time to time, I can be a bit resistant to change. Especially when it comes to beauty products.

Enter Lush, a fantastic store I wish would make its way to my corner of North Carolina (there’s one in Raleigh, but that’s not Charlotte now is it?). Lush makes beauty and bath products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils and safe synthetics. Their stuff is so fresh, some times it requires refrigeration. No lie.

I picked up Karma Komba, a solid shampoo, during a visit to New York City with my fellow product junkie PolishPauper. I was doubtful that this round, green hockey puck could wash my hair as well as liquid shampoo, but I did love the patchouli scent, so I went with it. When I got home, I tossed the disc, in its handy tin travel case, in my gym bag and promptly forgot about it.

My solid shampoo epiphany came during a recent trip to Sapelo Island, Ga. with my two children and some family friends. I was trying to pack as light as possible for the three of us, so at the last minute, I grabbed the Karma shampoo and took off for the remote island.

The Karma Komba was highly effective and highly entertaining for the little ones. I had forgotten to bring soap, so we made do with the Karma for hair and body, and it was fantastic. Lots of suds, and the shampoo contains orange oil as well as pine and patchouli. It smelled deliciously clean without being perfume-y or floral, which was perfect given our rustic setting. Our hair and skin was clean but not parched. Perfect. $9.95,

*Extra Credit Q: What store do you wish would make it to the Queen City? I’ve got a list — Lush is at the top. How about you? Post comments here.