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Spotlight on Shecky's Girls Night Out

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When a friend invited me to Shecky's Girls Night Out, I was so excited...and happy to hear that Charlotte "made it" as one of Shecky's selected cities. In addition, I thought this would be a great event to highlight for HoneeBee. What girlfriend wouldn't want a ticket (not to mention a coveted goodie bag) to one of the most fun events around? Such a great gift and bonding experience for friends, right in our own backyard!

My first Shecky's experience was driving to Atlanta to check out this fab event. HoneeBee was pretty new, and I thought the event would give me great gift ideas, not to mention inspiration to keep the blog going. I had a great time...from the variety of vendors and items for purchase, free drinks and jam-packed goodie bag. I have high hopes that Charlotte's event will be similar...or even better!

With this being the 10th anniversary of the event, I have been assured from Cait, Shecky's Content Manager, that they will continue with these traditions but add in special deals, sweepstakes and more to celebrate ten years of bringing girlfriends together for good ole' fashioned fun! At the Charlotte event, be on the lookout for local artisans to nationally-recognized brands selling everything from accessories to beauty products to shoes!

When I asked Cait how often Shecky's comes to town, she said "sometimes it's once year, sometimes more than once or all depends and varies by year, which is always fun." I definitely want Shecky's to come to Charlotte more often than not so be sure to get your ticket and check out the event this Wednesday, June 8th at The Big Chill from 5pm-10pm. The Big Chill is located on 911 E. Morehead Street (S. McDowell St). When you purchase a ticket, Shecky's will donate $5 to The American Red Cross disaster relief efforts for the southern region of the country.

Also be sure to follow me on Twitter as I will be tweeting live from the event! Following the event I will share the contents of my Shecky's Goodie Bag.

If you happen to see me at the event, stop me and say hello--but only if you have time between QT time with girlfriends, sipping your delicious drink and picking out your next gift!

Shecky's Facts

* Shecky's has executed events in 15 cities--this is the first year in Charlotte after getting ALOT of suggestions to come via their "Submit Your City" option on their website. Ahhh, the power of the people!

* Shecky's started off as a small publishing company that faced closing its doors after the tradegy of 9-11 and decided to throw a party to lift the spirits in NYC post-September and save their company.

* Shecky's first event in Los Angeles sold out in 10 days.

* 800 people showed up to their first event in NYC. They expected 300-400 and their CEO wound up pouring drinks behind the bar to help with the demand.